The impression of light

Shadows on the snow

I am an impressionist painter inspired by light, spectacular exhibitions of natural light awake in me strong emotions and that I want to capture. My way is oil painting and photography. Observing the scene live or studying photographic captures give me the opportunity to explore the richness of light and its subtle and evanescent effects. .
My paintings come to life form this marriage of emotions and technique, The wide and clear panoramas of the Apls, the mediterranean landscapes of Maremma captured en plain air to the sophisticated visions where I imagine and render the wonder of light reflected by the restless pattern of water or the sensual curves of a mermaid

A mermaid in the moonlight

I use traditional oil painting on canvas and I love also to explore the cutting edge of image technology being a a professional photographer and a digital artist. I use digital imaging tools for illustration commissions and to focus my visions creating sophisticated studies for my metaphysic and fantasy paintings.
I live and work in Italy, I'm the president of the artist association La Bottega dell’Arte where I teach oil painting. I have exhibited my works in several European countries in solo and group exhibitions . Internet is my favorite showcase and have given me worldwide popularity thanks to the collaboration with the main web galleries.






  • Biography

    I began painting at 10 years, and continued during my scientific studies, following an instinctive need to express myself, I absorbed eagerly every artistic teaching but at that time I mainly discovered graphic arts by myself trying many different techniques, enjoying particularly watercolours and oil painting.
    I graduated in aeronautical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1992 but artistic vocation could not be set aside, from 1993 to 1995 I attended at panting lessons of the “Bergognone” art school in Lodi. In these years learned the basic technique of drawing and painting and choose the oil painting as my favourite technique. I began to paint landscapes “en plein air”. In 1995 I come in touch with the “Circolo Ada Negri”, a group of Artists of Lodi and start to Exhibit my work with them.
    In 2003 I made my first solo exhibition in Milan at the historic gallery “Famiglia artisitca Milanese” In the following years I participate to several collective exhibition of this gallery.
    In 2006 I made my second personal exhibition at Milan and associated to the "GAFM - gruppo artisitico Forlanini Moluè" taking part in some prominent exhibitions: in 2006 at the aeronautics headquarters and in 2008 at the soccer stadium "San Siro" of Milan , in 2009 I was awarded among 350 artists. at the contest dedicated to “Giovanni Verga” organized with the city authority of Milan.
    In 2003 I joined the “Bottega dell’arte" a painter association based in Brianza, the area where I live, but active all over Italy and in France. In a few years, I became a prominent member of the association, accredited as master and started to teach oil painting at the evening school of the association
    With the “Bottega dell’Arte” I began a regular exhibition activity for example in 2006, 2010 and 2014 we exhibited by the famous Greek temples of Paestum (Salerno ) or in France in Roquebrune 2009 and Linas 2011
    In 2009 I made a personal exhibition in France on invitation of the Town of Mezieres en Brenne.In September 2010 I have been elected as president of the association and I still have that privilege.
    In October of 2013 I exhibited my works at the Louvre museum of Paris in a contemporary art event, in 2016 I contribute to a “Via Crucis” series for the church of Linas.
    In the same year I made a personal exhibition with over 40 paintings in an historic villa in Velate Brianza, the last big event has been an exhibition of some artist of the “Bottega dell’Arte” in Spain at Cacers in 2017.
    I publish constantly my works on internet that have given me worldwide renown, especially in the US where my artworks are very appreciated, last year an interior design studio have requested one of my large landscapes though the Saatchi web gallery where I made it available for sale.
    One of my mermaids was used for a coloured window in the Renaissance Hotel of Hamburg in Germany.

  • Solo and group exhibitions

    Opening Title Association - Partner - Localion
    11/11/2017 XX Secolo Associazione GA 99 - Velate (MB) Group
    28/10/2017 I colori della Memoria Associazione Mutiliati e Invalidi di Guerra - Vimercate (MB) Group
    23/06/2017 Exposicion de arte Italiano contemporaneo Bottega dell'Arte, Ana Hernandez- Caceres (Spagna ) Group
    29/10/2016 La pittura della Bottega dell'Arte Bottega dell'Arte - Centro civico Alserio Group
    17/09/2016 Mostra con I pittori russi Bottega dell'Arte - Villa Filippini (Besana Brianza) Group
    11/06/2016 Goccie di Luce Villa Scaccabarozzi (Velate ) Solo
    08/03/2016 Via crucis Bottega dell'Arte - Linas (Aronne de paris, Francia) Group
    05/12/2015 Arte in fiore 2015 Bottega dell'Arte - Vivaio Ikebana, Missaglia (MB) Group
    12/10/2015 Art Sacrè et Artisanat d'Art Bottega dell'Arte - Linas (Aronne de paris -Francia) Group
    29/05/2015 100 artisti x Expo Bottega dell'Arte - Sotto il monte (BG ) Group
    12/04/2015 Art Sacrè et Artisanat d'Art Linas (Aronne de paris -Francia) Group
    01/12/2014 Arte in fiore 2014 Bottega dell'Arte - Vivaio Ikebana, Missaglia (MB) Group
    04/10/2014 Arte donna Bottega dell'Arte - Laigueglia (SV) Group
    27/06/2014 I Love Italy Paestum Gallery, Bottega dell'Arte - Paestum (SA) Group
    16/03/2014 Colori e Musica Milano - Auditorium l'ottava nota Group
    11/02/2014 Un'istante un sogno' Centro Internazionale studi e lavoro "san pietro" (milano) Group
    11/12/2013 Arte in fiore 2013 Bottega dell'Arte - Vivaio Ikebana, Missaglia (MB) Group
    25/10/2013 Art Shopping, arte contemporanea al Louvre Museo del Louvre - Parigi (Fancia) Art fair
    12/05/2013 I maestri della bottega dell'arte Cavalermaggiore (CN) Group
    27/10/2012 I maestri della bottega dell'arte Barzago (LC) Group
    26/10/2012 Arte 8 Cavalermaggiore (CN) Group
    24/06/2012 Alassio Donna Bottega dell'Arte - Alassio (SV) Group
    05/06/2012 Immagini contemporanee a confronto Centro Internazionale studi e lavoro "San Pietro" - Milano Group
    19/05/2012 Arte in fiore 2012 Bottega dell'Arte - Vivaio Ikebana, Missaglia (MB) Group
    03/12/2011 Antichi mestieri Circolo Don Beretta - Villa Mazenta , Giussano (MB) Group
    11/01/2011 Poesia dell'Immagine .. dal nulla Centro Internazionale studi e lavoro "San Pietro" - Milano Group
    03/10/2010 I maestri della bottega dell'arte Bottega dell'Arte - Albavilla (CO) Group
    15/07/2010 La bottega dell'arte a Paestum Paestum Gallery, Bottega dell'Arte - Paestum (SA) Group
    15/06/2010 6° mostra espositiva "Casa don Guanella" Lecco (Casa Don Guanella) Group
    04/05/2010 Dal realismo all'informale Centro Internazionale studi e lavoro "San Pietro" - Milano Group
    03/10/2009 I maestri della bottega dell'arte Bottega dell'Arte - Albavilla (CO) Group
    03/07/2009 Les artistes Italienes a Roquebrune Bottega dell'Arte - Roquebrune (Francia) Group
    06/06/2009 Cristoforto Colombo ed il suo mondo Villa Cambiaso (Savona) Group
    18/05/2009 Arte: parliamone Centro Internazionale studi e lavoro "San Pietro" - Milano Group
    01/03/2009 I maestri della bottega dell'arte Bottega dell'Arte - Bevera di Sitori (LC) Group
    01/03/2009 Marco Busoni a Le Moulin Mézières en Brenne (Francia) Solo
    15/02/2009 Art Sacrè et Artisanat d'Art Bottega dell'Arte - Linas (Francia) Group
    01/02/2009 Opere vincitrici del Concorso su G. Verga GAFM - Palazzina Libery, Milano Group
    16/02/2008 Giacinto Facchetti e il suo mondo GAFM - Stadio di San Siro Group
    12/01/2008 Incontro con nove pittori Famiglia artisitica Milanese - Milano Group
    12/07/2007 Randonnèe de l'art Chatillon /Mézières en Brenne (Francia) Group
    07/06/2007 Comatica e poesia Famiglia artisitica Milanese - Milano Group
    22/05/2007 La brianza sulle tele Lecco (Casa Don Guanella) Group
    18/01/2007 Incontro nella nuova sede Famiglia artisitica Milanese Group
    11/12/2006 Mostra per l'aeronautica GAFM - Comando regione aera Milano Collettiva
    16/10/2006 Tentazioni di colori e luci Centro Internazionale studi e lavoro "San Pietro" - Milano Solo
    05/06/2003 Torrente di luce Famiglia artisitica Milanese Solo
    21/10/2000 Armonie di colori Circolo culturale Ada Negri - Lodi Group
    25/09/1999 Rogge e vecchi mulini Circolo culturale Ada Negri - Lodi Group

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  • National Geographic recognition

    National Geographic recognition

    This photo of a wild board shot in Tuscany was selected in the Italian National Geographic contest 2008
    The image was published in the national Geographic website that year

  • Renaissance Hotel Hamburg

    Renaissance Hotel Hamburg

    My painting "A trick of the light" was used for a 200 cm hight glass print that illuminate the presidential suit of the luxury Renaissance Hotel of Hamburg (Germany)

  • Pinterest Collections

    Pinterest Collections

    A popular art blogger has featured one of my mermaids in a Masterpieces of Art collection on pinterest.
    it's has been a wonderful surprise to discover my painting near those of Van Gogh, Monet, Zorn
    since I have always been inspired by Monte's explorarion of light .

  • Book covers and a puzzle

    Book covers and a puzzle

    My first meriad paintings "A mermaid in the sunset" have used for two book covers and a jigsaw puzzle

  • Exhibition at the Musee du Louvre

    Exhibition at the Musee du Louvre

    In June 2013 I exhibited my paintings at a contemporary art fair at the famous Musee du Lovre Paris.
    It has been an emotion and a honor to be selected for such a prestigious location where tourists form every part of the world could see my works after admiring immortal masterpieces like the "Mona Lisa" form Leonardo da Vinci.
    I have made several exhibitions before and after this one, but the Art Fair at the Louvre will certainly remain memorable


  • Extra large wall print

    Extra large wall print

    In 2015 I had special photo commission for a extra-large image that should fill a 10 x 2,5 meter long wall showing the traditional building that lays behind, making the wall somehow invisible.
    I assembled in a single file 20 photos, each one is 36 megapixel generating huge bitmap of 312 Megapixel, the result print was amazing sharp fooling the viewer petty well.

  • Web Galleries Collaboration

    Web Galleries Collaboration

    I have a long time collaboration with several web galleries, among this some of  the main art galleries of the web:
    Saatchi On line have featured me in some of their collections
    Fine art America that bring me hundreds of visitors each week
    But you can find some special works and Work in Progress images on DeviantArt
    or have a look in Tumblr

  • CD Covers for Luna Blanca

    CD Covers for Luna Blanca

    I have a longer collaboration with the german band "Luna Blanca " making several CD Covers
    Among this the 3 pages graphic for the career celebrating "Greatest hits" collection

Marco Busoni

Contact information

Usmate Velate (MB) Italy 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone +39 345 255 1005








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