The impression of light on eye camera and canvas


The impression of light on eye

The focal point of my artistic production is light. Painting and taking photos are two aspects of the same inspiration given me form natural light in its spectacular and evanescent exhibitions.

The impression of light on camera

In bright and sunny days or before a thunderstorm.. in some occasions I feel a compelling need to cache the beauty that I see around me. Photography is cure to this need, a hunt made with my heavy backpack full of lenses and the energy in my head, a struggle made of skill, technology and passion.

The impression of light on canvas

My approach to painting is the same of Claude Monet and other impressionist: try to portrait the light cast form the scene more than the objects in the scene. The first consequence of this approach is that the same subject leads to different paintings when light conditions change, but in many cases the subject of the painting is the light itself, and the scene just a screen to unfold its variety and beauty.

Painting is creating an illusion and I like to show this. My paintings do not contain photographic detail reproduction but a visible sequence of brush strokes, a pattern of shapes and colours that try to bring an impression of light in to your eyes.